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Dear all,

A warm welcome and huge congratulations for choosing Kantipur Hotel Training Center to enroll in two major things which provide first industry based hotel related course and second 100% job placement at national as well as international star level hotels and restaurants.

We precede the concepts of 80% practical tasks and 20% theoretical knowledge while teaching each and every class. According to the time and demand of industry in every twice a year we change and revise our course syllabus for the better for a better future career in the field of Hotel industry. In a weekly and monthly basis, we do motivation and gives the Guidance from various expertise to encourage and expand knowledge to be more creative.

Managing director

We are emphasizing in providing skills which are very necessary for our daily livelihood. Women empowerment is considered as one of the most important parts of our society which is possible through good skill in any field. Realizing such thing we are focusing on women upliftment short-term Cooking Baking training in the full coordination with various NGO’s, INGO’s, Governmental bodies, local communities and so on by sharing the Motto (Today’s Women, Be Skilled, Be Employed) we are also providing mobile base training at various remote place around us.

Executive director

Kantipur Hotel Training Center-KHTC, pokhara has come a long way in this industry since the year 2005, with the affilation of Nepal Government, CTEVT. We are providing Technical and vocational Trainings of all Hotel Management related short term courses.

At this is the fact that, everyday more and more youngsters are seeking the problem of unemployment and bond to be abroad for a good environment in the name of different visas. Where ever migrated for the good environment skill is the foremost need. And this is the one what we are doing.

We are proud
to serving for you